Welcome to the Northern California Real Estate Podcast! Were glad you found us. The Northern California Real Estate Podcast was created with the idea that home buyers, sellers and anyone interested in real estate should have easy access to precise information about how to buy real estate.



Our mission is to provide specifc advice about process and how to derive value from real estate assets without being around the clock, in every forum and connected to every investor in the area. We allow top professionals in the field to host the show and guide our audience through the process. The podcast was founded by a home owner and entrepreneur who learned the hard way purchasing a house as a self-employed indivudal, loosing countless nights of sleep and many many dollars as well.



The experience revealed many tricks that could have saved money and time, had he talked to experts first. Despite losing money, our founder quickly came to the realization that real estate professionals need more ways to convey the finer points of their business, leading up to engaging with clients, and the Northern California Real Estate Podcast is the result. And the result of that is clients going into large transactions with eyes wide open and real estate professionals getting the time to explain what's going on at each stage, without the stress of a deal falling apart.


What to Expect

The podcast features interviews with the region’s top real estate professionals, giving an informative and entertaining insight into the market. We bring in a variety of experts, from seasoned veterans to up-and-coming agents, to ensure that our listeners have access to the latest news, trends and strategies. In addition to providing valuable information, the podcast also serves to help the professionals we feature market themselves. In today’s world, video is key, and the Northern California Real Estate Podcast provides an opportunity for real estate professionals to showcase their expertise in a “talking head” style. We hope that you find the Northern California Real Estate Podcast to be an informative and entertaining resource for all of your real estate education. From home buying tips to market analysis, our goal is to keep you informed and up-to-date on the latest news, trends and strategies. So, sit back and enjoy as we take you on a journey through the real estate market of Northern California.